30 Years of Hard Work and Progress ChoiceMMed anchors New Goals for Digital Development

April 20, 2023, Intelligent Manufacturing Base of ChoiceMMed, a subsidiary of CHASE SUN , held an inauguration ceremony at No. 6, Quanhe Road, Wuqing Development Zone, Tianjin. LAN Wujun, Executive President, Li Chunxu, Party Secretary and Vice President, Sun Wu of CHASE SUN, also Vice Chairman and General Manager Qian Xiaolun, executive general Manager Wang Jia and other leaders of ChoiceMMed attended the site.

The new digital factory built from 2022 covers an area of 20,000㎡, with international standardized industrial plants and advanced electronic assembly lines, and is equipped with a full range of precision research equipment, testing equipment and production and manufacturing equipment. Today, the base has built fully automated SMT production lines and injection molding lines, adopted ERP information management and WMS warehouse automation digital management, and implemented lean management and automation in the whole production process.

ChoiceMMed has four major product solutions, including Internet medical, respiratory, cardiovascular, sleep and others, and deeply explores the public's health needs, launching finger Pulse Oximeter, Wrist Pulse Oximeter, intelligent medical Oxygen Concentrator, handheld ECG Monitor, Vital signs Monitor and other products for the global market. Through the integration of technology and the upgrading of services, we continue to expand the new boundary of medicine and life, and the industrial layout around intelligent medical care is rapidly advancing.

Qian Xiaolun said that ChoiceMMed adhering to the aims of "Everything is user-centered", focuses on the medical and health care business, devotes itself to the continuous development of new technologies, constantly improves product quality, and brings a better life for global users. ChoiceMMed will take intelligent manufacturing as the core, give full play to the advantages and resources of CHASE SUN in the medical and health field, further improve product quality and production efficiency, and provide to global consumers with safer, more reliable and intelligent medical and health management products and services.

The year 2023 coincides with the 30th anniversary of the development of ChoiceMMed, empowered by the development strategy of "Digital CHASE SUN", ChoiceMMed will always take "Providing Better Life" as the purpose, combine the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies to continuously innovate and introduce digital and intelligent products and services for users.

CHASE SUN has always taken intelligent manufacturing as the key direction of the company's development, creating advanced intelligent manufacturing factories and building up digital and intelligent manufacturing bases in many places across the country. The completion of Intelligent Manufacturing Base of ChoiceMMed is an important milestone in the development history of CHASE SUN, which will further enhance the efficiency of the supply chain and expand the advantages of medical device production capacity.

CHASE SUN will accelerate the combination of digital applications and six business sectors in the future, take the innovation of the whole industry chain as the "starting point", and keep practicing of the "Strive for people to enjoy high-quality traditional Chinese medicine services!” and "Fight for the improvement of medical treatment in China!" these two value propositions, and strive to become the leader of Chinese medicine!

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