Technology Providing Better Life | ChoiceMMed’s New Products Appear in Shanghai CMEF

The 87th China International Medical Equipment Fair(Spring)will be held in Shanghai from May 14-17,2023.ChoiceMMed will present its sleep,respiratory care,cardiovascular health and internet medical product solutions at this fair.

ChoiceMMed has been engaged in the field of medical equipment for 30 years.

Adhere to R&D innovation and scientific and technological intelligence,

Providing Multi-Around Care in the Medical and Household fields.


Patented technology combined with approachable design

AI data analysis combined with remote interpretation by doctors

Providing users with a full range of health care


Adhering to the mission of"Technology Providing Better Life"

Using intelligent technology and product design

Make home health monitoring more convenient


30 years focus on product innovation

From the user's perspective

Meet the requirements of different population health detection scenarios


Integrate Internet intelligent medical care

Online data analysis and doctor guidance

Medical resource sharing

This exhibition is jointly attended by Beijing ChoiceMMed and Lanzhou Wenhe,both of which belong to the medical equipment business sector of Tianjin Chase Sun Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.At this event,we will bring you innovations covering home healthcare,primary care,medical dispensing and other fields.

More health service products

All in CMEF 1.1B41

30 Years of Innovative Intelligent Manufacturing

ChoiceMMed will continue to implement the digital development goals

From Home to Medical Institutions

Covering Multi-Around Medical Scenarios

Providing comprehensive and intelligent health care services

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