Hello,Future!ChoiceMMed at MEDICA trade fair

What does the future medical world look like?

From ancient simple tools

to modern,high-tech medical devices.

Medical devices have advanced with technology

In constant imagination and realization,

meet people's health needs step by step.

Medica 2023-ChoiceMMed

Where healthcare is going?

The development of medical treatment never stops,and at the Medica trade fair every year,major medical companies from all over the world gather in Düsseldorf,Germany to showcase the latest medical concepts and technologies.

On 13th November,Medica 2023 was opened grandly.On the first day of the trade fair,ChoiceMMed,as a global home health management products and services company,presented many new products at the 55th Medica trade fair.

In this trade fair,ChoiceMMed demonstrated to the world the exploration of the future of home health management,focusing on respiratory health,cardiovascular health,sleep health and other product solutions.And have showcased product solutions for respiratory health,cardiovascular health,and sleep health,and created a distinctive exhibition area for human/animal monitoring devices and smart tele-medicine devices,lots of audience enjoyed the live in interactive family health management solution.

Hello Future!

On the exhibition site,innovative products represented by the MyMed-Reminder,Vitalcard Monitor,Smart Watch,Portable Oxygen Concentrator,etc.were launched grandly.

Future-More Convenient

From the launch of multi-parameter monitor to portable multi-parameter monitor and Vitalcard Monitor,ChoiceMMed through continuous technological improvement and innovation and intelligent algorithm optimisation,has made the medical equipment more portable,and realized the multi-parameter testing of human body such as electrocardiogram,blood oxygen,blood pressure and so on faster and easier.

Small portable devices make health management more convenient.As an intelligent medication reminder product MyMed-Reminder with both portable and intelligent features,reminds users anytime and anywhere,supports remote medication monitoring,avoids missing doses,and guards the family's medication health.

Future-Intelligent Management

In addition to the miniaturisation and wearable features of home health products,ChoiceMMed is also empowered by technologies such as big data,internet and artificial intelligence,while giving them intelligent features.Has set up health cloud platforms and smart terminals to meet health management requirements such as remote monitoring among family members.

Future-Free Breathing

ChoiceMMed’s respiratory health product solution covers intelligent Medical Oxygen Concentrator,Portable Oxygen Concentrator,Hydrogen generator,Respiratory Trainers Nebulizer,etc.We provide respiratory health care with intelligent products to support chronic respiratory diseases.

Future-Cardiovascular Health

For the daily needs of cardiovascular health management,such as blood pressure,heart rate,ECG and other data detection needs,ChoiceMMed’s cardiovascular product solution covers Digital Blood Pressure Monitor,Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor,Wireless ECG Monitor,etc.,to provide rapid detection support for cardiac abnormalities and other conditions instantly.

Future-Healthy Sleep

The ChoiceMMed sleep product solution is based on blood oxygen,respiration rate,pulse rate and other data,through long-term monitoring of blood oxygen changes during sleep,calculating the oxygen reduction index for sleep monitoring;based on heart rate variability(HRV)and intelligent algorithms to provide respiratory guidance programmes,intelligent pressure reduction and better sleep.

Future-Providing Better Life

On the first day of Medica 2023,ChoiceMMed has gained the attention of visitors from many countries around the world.With regard to the multi-scenario needs of family health management in the future,ChoiceMMed dares to envision and put them into practice,and we will take innovation as the driving force to move forward,expanding the new boundaries of healthcare and life,creating high-quality services,and creating unlimited health care.

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